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8679Re: [NTO] deleted dmusic.sys by mistake - oops!

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  • loro
    Feb 20, 2010
      Axel wrote:
      >Of course none of all that protects you from actively clicking a
      >contaminated site with scripting allowed, but you knew that already.

      No, that's one of the things I wasn't sure about, but I did know the
      rest. I guess that could be the explanation to how I got the crap,
      couldn't it? Most software firewalls I've had warn about things like
      that, even if they most often do it when the evil stuff already is on
      your HD,but at least you can get rid of it fast enough. Maybe that's
      a reason to keep a software FW.

      I find them quite bothersome. Every new one you try do things
      differently and it's time consuming to learn how they work in detail.
      You think you've found a good one that don't slow things down too
      much, then you upgrade and it has turned into a monster that does
      everything but play cartoons. And the search for a program that is to
      more use than harm starts again... AV is the same.

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