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8673Re: [NTO] deleted dmusic.sys by mistake - oops!

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  • loro
    Feb 20, 2010
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      Axel wrote:
      >Mike wrote:
      > > I now use ZA, Avast, and SUPEREAntiSpyware.
      >I have never ever had any malware of any kind (not counting the Netgear
      >card installation that so ruined my system, I had to install from
      >scratch). But then I refuse to run a "modern", "comfortable" OS that
      >just needs to be installed from its original CD and connected to the net
      >and that searches for, runs, and installs countless viruses all by
      >itself. On my Win98 I have to do all those virus installs manually
      >myself. Suits me fine.

      I've lived through 2K and now XP for a couple of years without
      getting anything either. Well, I did have something once that was
      somewhat of a problem to get rid of, but I don't remember the
      details. AFAIR it wasn't certain it was a virus in the first place
      and it didn't *do* anything.

      In what way do you mean modern Windows itself installs the viruses?
      Sound like something I need to learn about.

      BTW do know anything about this router firewall matter? I would like
      to run without a software firewall, but after this I don't know if I dare to.

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