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8672Re: [NTO] deleted dmusic.sys by mistake - oops!

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  • Axel Berger
    Feb 20, 2010
      Mick Housel wrote:
      > Maybe I read this wrong but do you really believe that the "modern",
      > "comfortable" OSs install and then instantly upon connection to the
      > net, the OS goes and installs countless viruses as part of it's
      > normal routine?

      Yes, it's a well documented fact. Of course the "actively install" is a
      bit of freedom with speech. What really happens, as far as I understood,
      is that there are some server functionalities built in, that the normal
      single user neither uses nor needs but that mayn viruses know to put to
      very good use. And of course this is true for naked CD installs without
      the later service packs. If you have one of those, need to reinstall and
      need the net to get those updates, you're in trouble.

      > but also makes sure that I've got a good AV and firewall
      > setup and going on all machines.

      Me specialty in engineering was nuclear reactors. There is a huge
      difference between active and passive security. A sodium cooled fast
      breeder needs active security controls and can run away if they fail. Of
      course all these are redundant and divers (i.e. different brands and
      technologies, so that not all will fail for the same reason) and it is
      made very safe. But our own pebble bed design from Aachen made it
      possible to withdraw all control rods (full power), shut off all cooling
      and do nothing. All it needs to stay safe is the continued validity of
      the laws of physics.
      Of course a good AV software is worth a lot and you may hope, you'll
      always be supplied with the relevant signatures before that malware
      arrives on your machine. I prefer there simply not to be a hook or entry
      for it to attack. Anything that doesn't exist can't be abused.

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