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8658[NTO] Re: [Clip] Top-posting forces your reader to work (was Re: Finding a string within a string)

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  • Sheri
    Feb 13 9:46 PM
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      --- In ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com, Alec Burgess <buralex@...> wrote:
      > Speaking of Thunderbird 3 (well I am, even if no-one else is :-) ):
      > Has anyone either tested or switched from TB2 to TB3 - if so -
      > comments/difficulties etc.
      > I'm usually the first to jump on beta versions but *really* don't
      > want to screw up my email client/history.

      I updated some time ago. It won't mess up your history.

      The tabbed interface takes some getting used to, I still often accidentally close the whole window instead of the tab of the message I'm reading. :)

      There was another feature I tried, which consolidates the presentation of multiple inboxes you have on different servers. I tried it for a few days, then reverted to the old style. Again, nothing was lost.

      I've got custom fonts and quote coloring, but only through manual entries in the Thunderbird configuration files. I set it up in version 1 or 2, and it still works in version 3. However the extensions you mentioned (Quote Color and Quick Quote) might offer some improvements -- I'll have to take a look!

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