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8650Re: [NTO] Re: [Clip] Top-posting forces your reader to work (was Re: Finding a string within a string)

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  • fw7oaks
    Feb 11, 2010
      --- On Thu, 2/11/10, Don - HtmlFixIt.com <don@...> wrote:


      > All further discussion will hopefully ensue on that [this] forum
      > and not in clips :-) because off topic posting is not nice ...

      I agree here with Don.

      > I disagree strongly with the concept that top posting is wrong,

      My support for Don is waning.


      > The fact is that there is no right way only one persons view of
      > what's most convenient.

      So for top-posting that is surely when the reply is simple and unlikely
      to generate further traffic,


      > I respect Sheri greatly

      Me too

      > but finally found something with which I disagree.

      No, Sheri is right, and btw try top-posting this reply . . .

      Ciao a tutti

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