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8555Re: [NTO] removing second OS from HD

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  • edward
    Nov 16, 2009
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      I am listening to the my receiver on 10 meters but that band sounds dead
      this AM. I was on 40 meters but the propagation there was not good on my net
      there. And trying to get the computer up and running on ME for my friend.
      Too many irons in the fire I guess.

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      I forgot something: if you want to get rid of your bootloader you will
      have to restore / create a Windows generic MBR.

      You can do that probably with the ME installer/repair CD. But e.g.
      SuperGRUB bootdisk will do a Windows MBR too, albeit under (ironic)

      If I remember correctly the Windows shell command is fdisk /fixmbr on
      Win98SE, it is fdisk /mbr on WinXP, so you will have to check for ME
      what the correct syntax is.

      edward wrote:
      > I have a hd with ME on it. I know ME is not good but I am giving it to
      > a friend who has ME and does not want to move up for various reasons,
      > his computer has almost no memory and a very small hard drive. My HD
      > with ME is large and the old computer that I was about to throw out
      > has almost a gig of memory and he could sure use it. But I have most
      > of the 80 gig hard drive with Obuntu on it. I would like to remove
      > Obuntu and let ME have all the hard drive but I have forgotten how to
      > do that. Is there an easy way to to remove Obuntu and and let ME have
      > all the space on the hard drive.
      > Ed
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