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8554Re: [NTO] removing second OS from HD

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  • edward
    Nov 16, 2009
      Thanks I will have to check into that. I am not sure of the syntax for
      restoring the MBR on ME. It needs it right now I have about 60 % of the
      F:\ partition removed as I have format running on that. When it is gone I
      will see what ME looks like. Problem is that computer is not on line and I
      think I can download GParted to this computer and put it on a flash drive
      and run it on the ME computer from the USB port. Is that possible?
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      I forgot something: if you want to get rid of your bootloader you will
      have to restore / create a Windows generic MBR.

      You can do that probably with the ME installer/repair CD. But e.g.
      SuperGRUB bootdisk will do a Windows MBR too, albeit under (ironic)

      If I remember correctly the Windows shell command is fdisk /fixmbr on
      Win98SE, it is fdisk /mbr on WinXP, so you will have to check for ME
      what the correct syntax is.

      edward wrote:
      > I have a hd with ME on it. I know ME is not good but I am giving it to
      > a friend who has ME and does not want to move up for various reasons,
      > his computer has almost no memory and a very small hard drive. My HD
      > with ME is large and the old computer that I was about to throw out
      > has almost a gig of memory and he could sure use it. But I have most
      > of the 80 gig hard drive with Obuntu on it. I would like to remove
      > Obuntu and let ME have all the hard drive but I have forgotten how to
      > do that. Is there an easy way to to remove Obuntu and and let ME have
      > all the space on the hard drive.
      > Ed
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