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8511RE: [NTO] Apache Server

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  • Mick Housel
    Aug 28, 2009
      Have you checked out xampp? It’s great for doing Apache, PH, MySQL, Perl,
      etc. in a windows environment. It’ll run on OS’s from 98 to XP. Some have
      had problems with it on Vista. I didn’t try it on Vista but just built a new
      system and am running Windows7 and it’s working fine there. A great piece of
      open source software that’s easy to install and setup.

      The german website is :

      and the English version is at :


      From: Axel Berger [mailto:Axel-Berger@...]
      Sent: Thursday, August 27, 2009 9:50 AM
      To: NoteTab Off-Topic
      Subject: [NTO] Apache Server

      On one of my sites I have to limit access to a directory. The relevant
      line in .htaccess ist:

      AuthUserFile /www/htdocs/w00b029e/.htpasswd

      I can't do a lot about the path on the remote server. Now I always
      develop my pages locally and want to put that .htpasswd into the
      appropriate place here. Where does "/" point to in Apache 1.3.2 on
      Windows 98 SE?

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