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8510Re: [NTO] Apache Server

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  • stephen@dennisandstephen.com
    Aug 28, 2009
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      Are you using a local web server? I have Apache installed on my local
      machine. I have a folder on my D:\ drive set as the Apache root, which is
      not the same as the Unix root, but defined in httpd.conf and can be any
      directory I please. This helps test the assorted configuration files, but
      you would still need to review permissions when you upload.
      I imagine Windows Personal webServer has something similar, but don't
      really know since I've never gotten it to work. . .


      > loro wrote:
      >> IIRC you can't do it that way. You have to use c:\....
      > That's just what I feared, shame. But then I start and close Apache
      > through two batches, so I'll just add a couple of renames to those.
      > My main worry with different setups locally and on the server is, that
      > on updatiing I might inadvertantly turn off the access restriction.
      > Thanks
      > Axel
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