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8487Re: [NTO] image overflow

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Aug 25, 2009
      I'm on board with these suggestions as well. I have actually built a
      clip in the past to build links from my thumbs to the "bigger" images.
      Haven't got a copy handy, but easily can be done. I seldom put up a
      picture larger than 800px. Just isn't necessary.

      One of the things I like about firefox is no matter how big you make
      your picture it will autosize to the screen and you can zoom if you
      want. Technology is improving and most scalings are done well, but do
      your viewers a favor and give a real thumbnail view first.

      Mike Breiding - Morgantown WV wrote:
      > Axel Berger wrote:
      >> stephen@dennisandst ephen.com <mailto:stephen%40dennisandstephen.com> wrote:
      >> > Sorry for not giving you the quick fix, (it's been a looooong day)
      >> > <img src="photo0000013. jpg" style="width: 75%" />
      >> Don't! Repeat: Do not! For one thing people will have to load down a far bigger picture than
      >> they get to see.
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