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8458Re: [NTO] Squiggly fonts on TFT

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  • sisterscape
    Aug 23, 2009
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      Have you enabled font smoothing?

      --- On Sun, 8/23/09, loro <tabbie@...> wrote:

      > From: loro <tabbie@...>
      > Subject: [NTO] Squiggly fonts on TFT
      > To: ntb-OffTopic@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Sunday, August 23, 2009, 10:22 AM
      > Hi!
      > Believe it or not, but until recently I've only used CRT
      > screens, so
      > I don't know much about TFT ones. Earlier this summer I
      > bought a
      > small ASUS EEE. I noticed fonts sometimes were sort of
      > squiggly and
      > hard to read. I thought, well, it's such a tiny screen and
      > the whole
      > thing didn't cost very much, you get what you pay for.
      > This week I bought a 24" BenQ. What an improvement over my
      > old tired
      > CRT! But it has exactly the same problem as the small
      > Netbook. OK,
      > BenQ isn't top of the line maybe and their screens are
      > cheapish, but
      > they are supposed to be good. It's too odd that it has
      > exactly the
      > same problem as the 10" ASUS.
      > I'll try to describe the problem a little closer. It's
      > especially
      > noticeable for fonts used in program interfaces. Alas
      > Notetab is
      > affected. The menu bar and the menus are almost totally
      > unaffected.
      > The captions on the tabs are definitely affected and also
      > text in
      > Options. It gets worse if the document is focused so the
      > tab
      > background turns to a lighter gray. At least I can read,
      > but I have
      > other programs where it's even worse.
      > I think I've narrowed it down. It seems to happen when the
      > font is
      > very thin, has very thin lines. I originally used MS Sans
      > Serif for
      > the Clip list and the Quick List. I've always found that
      > font very
      > crisp and readable at small sizes. Not now - horrible. I
      > changed to
      > Arial at the same small size, 8pt, and all is well again.
      > To describe how it looks, well, it looks squiggly, jaggy,
      > not
      > pixelated but close to, and it makes the letters look
      > fainter, not as
      > black as they should be. If there is a colored background,
      > as the
      > classic gray I use for programs, you can also see what
      > looks like
      > white artefacts. Small spots of white close to some
      > letters. It also
      > happens to some icons where it shows as very thin white
      > "shadow" line
      > or small white blotches, I think where the icon already has
      > a very
      > thin line. For example the W(ordwrap) and Spell checker
      > icons in Notetab.
      > The undesirable effect can also be seen otherwise, for
      > example on web
      > pages, but it isn't common. Then there can also be colored
      > blotches.
      > On one site where I noticed it, every instance of double l
      > had a
      > turquoise color between the two letters. The background was
      > white but
      > probably not pure white, so I guess the color of the
      > blotches are
      > picked up from the background.
      > Now to my questions. Is this problem typical for TFT
      > screens and can
      > something be done about it? I can't believe that two so
      > different
      > screens would be faulty in exactly the same way. Oh, I
      > should mention
      > I have font smoothing on and use ClearType.
      > Sorry for the long post, but I didn't know how to describe
      > it.
      > Lotta
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