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8429Widget to disable touchpad

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  • loro
    Jun 2, 2009

      Looking for a program that can temporarily disable the touchpad. My
      hands brush against it all the time when I type and the cursors
      dances all over the place. Typing in the air is a bummer. I don't
      have the options in the mouse CP that I know some laptops come with.
      "Disable when mouse is plugged in" would be perfect, but alas...

      I've found two programs so far. I list them in case someone else can use them.

      Virtual Touchpad Cover. A keyboard shortcut toggles the touchpad
      on/off. Works OK, only it disables the mouse too, which wasn't what I
      was looking for.
      TouchFreeze. This one automatically disables the touchpad when you
      type. It works very well.

      TouchFreeze is pretty great, actually. But I'm a poor typist and
      occasionally stop to find a key or just to think. When that happens I
      more often than not type in the air when I start again. So, does
      someone have something cool up their sleeve?

      P.S. to Dave. I got an Asus. EEE 1000H. Love it already! :-)

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