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8406Re: [NTO] Windows shortcut to show screen saver?

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  • MotoMania
    May 12, 2009
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      You said originally that you wanted to hide what you were doing. Without
      a password setup for your account and doing as suggested with "Windows
      Key + L" there is now way to *truly* hide what was going on. As you
      said, all someone needs to do is click on your account name and they're
      able to look at everything that was running.


      loro wrote:
      > David Smart wrote:
      > >It's probably actually taking you to the "This computer is in use and has
      > >been locked" screen.
      > >
      > >It empties the screen and requires the password to reactivate, although
      > >everything is still running.
      > Nope. I just have to click my account name and I'm back. My computer
      > is set up so I never have to log in. I guess that's why I haven't
      > seen this screen before.
      > Lotta
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