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8401Re: [NTO] Windows shortcut to show screen saver?

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  • Mike Breiding - Morgantown WV
    May 12, 2009

      Instantly Activate a Screensaver
      Published: June 4, 2001

      Submitted by Lee Liu, Toronto, Ontario

      Turn on a screensaver without having to wait by adding a shortcut to
      your desktop:

      1.Click the Start button, and then click Search.

      2.In the Search Companion window, click All file types.

      3.In the file name box, type *.scr

      4.In the Look in box, choose Local Hard Drives (C:) or the drive where
      you have system files stored on your computer.

      5.Click Search.

      6.You will see a list of screensavers in the results. Pick a screensaver
      you want. You can preview it by double-clicking it.

      7.Right click on the file, choose Send To, and then click Desktop
      (create shortcut).

      To activate the screensaver, double-click the icon on your desktop.

      loro wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I have in the back of my head that there is a general shortcut to
      > force the computer into screen saver mode, but I don't find anything
      > about it,
      > Is there such a shortcut? If not, can I create one myself?
      > I haven't had any need to hide what I'm doing before. Now I have and
      > I thought turning on the screen saver would be handy, but any other
      > suggestions are also welcome.
      > Lotta
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      Morgantown WV

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