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8388Re: [NTO] Computer's Maintenance Programs

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  • Larry Hamilton
    Mar 29, 2009
      M.M. wrote:
      > Hello,
      > There are some 'Computer's Maintenance Programs' I found on the net, and I
      > would like to "adopt" one, but first I would like to ask
      > you some opinion about any of these, (if you were/are useing some), I read
      > some reviews, but you know... or if there are some doing the job better.
      > The list order is at random
      > 1. TuneUp Utilities
      > 2. AShampoo WinOptimizer
      > 3. PCTools DesktopMaestro
      > Your answers will be much appreciated
      > Thanks
      > Mordechai
      I have never heard of any of these.

      I find that ccleaner does a good job of eliminating cruft and jkdefrag
      does a better job at defragmenting than the built in Windows
      defragmenter. I also use pagedefrag to keep the page file optimized.

      Registry optimizers seem to hurt rather than help on 2000 and newer, so
      I recommend they not be run on a regular basis. As always a backup of
      the registry to fall back to is a go idea, in case the "optimization"
      reduces performance.

      ~ Larry Hamilton
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