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8383Re: [NTO] Re-installing Windows

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  • David Smart
    Mar 20, 2009
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      I found myself doing something similar and thought about what a fire would

      What I did is to buy two identical 2 1/2 inch 250GB external drives in USB
      enclosures. One lives at the office and the other one is attached to my
      computer where it takes an auto backup of almost everything once per day.
      Every three or four weeks, I take the home one to work and bring the work
      one home. This means that I have a daily backup that isn't actually inside
      the computer, plus a monthly backup in a different location, for very little

      I also carry a 16GB USB stick on my key ring that transports my current data
      files for use on other computers. This has the secondary benefit of being
      an "almost offsite" data backup that is completely up to date.

      About the only thing I don't back up is software installations and
      installation disks. I can get new versions of these easily enough. (If the
      installation disks get destroyed, then so does the computer, and probably
      the house. I'll get new installation disks when I replace the computer.)

      Regards, Dave S

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      > Mike Breiding - Morgantown WV wrote:
      >> I now store them in safety deposit box at a local bank.
      > Very sensible. My backup drives are outside of any computer and
      > unconnected to anything, so they are safe from software and most
      > electrical mishaps (barring a direct lighning hit), but they are in
      > the same room and only feet away from the working computer. Thus
      > there are many scenarios possible getting at all of them, fire being
      > just one. I've felt bad about that for ages but never enough to
      > really do something.
      > And, to be honest, a standard mass produced OS license, even if not
      > at all cheap, is the least of my concerns.
      > Axel
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