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8378Re: [NTO] Re-installing Windows

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  • David Smart
    Mar 19, 2009
      There seems to be some uncertainty over your question, so to clarify ...

      You have one XP CD?
      You have three XP licence keys (one for your current computer and one on
      each of the bought computers)?

      If that is the case, then the legality should be fine. XP CDs are
      mass-produced and don't have installation-specific information in them.

      However, XP keys are relative to specific XP editions, I think. You might
      find that the keys that the purchased computers have will not be accepted by
      the XP installation from your CD. If so, you need to find someone with an
      XP CD of the appropriate version.

      Also, look on the hard disks of the purchased computers before doing any
      reinstalling. Many computers now come with the operating system
      installation on a hard disk partition or in a directory on C:. The user
      guide for the computers involved should be able to be downloaded from the
      Web and will presumably talk about reinstallation.

      In addition, do contact the computers' manufacturer for advice. They might
      be able to provide copies of recovery disks for a nominal sum. Or the
      recovery disks might even be able to be downloaded from the Web.

      Regards, Dave S

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      Subject: [NTO] Re-installing Windows

      > This is totally off topic!
      > I have an acquaintance that had purchased a couple of computers from a
      > company that went out of business. They did not receive any recovery
      > disks, so they are unavailable. Both of these computers need to have
      > Windows XP be re-installed because of apparently unfixable problems.
      > My question is this:
      > Can I and is it legal to install my copy of Windows XP onto their
      > computers but register them using the Windows product key code attached
      > to the computers?
      > Thanks in advance for the info!
      > Vance
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