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8364Re: [NTO] offline search

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  • Sheri
    Feb 25, 2009
      Vance E. Neff wrote:
      > But, I am using firefox to access the document. Then I want to locate a
      > referenced term in the document which probably should have been
      > hypertexted linked (and even might be elsewhere in the document).
      > Vance
      I would use my old friend Agent Ransack (originally discovered and
      recommended by Jody) to find files that contain matching text. The
      search can, but doesn't have to, use regular expressions. A/R will show
      a list of matching files, and for each, a little of each line of
      matching text. If I don't get enough info from the cited text, I would
      double click the file name to open it in Firefox and use Firefox's
      "find" to locate the desired occurrence.


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