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8361Re: [NTO] offline search

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  • Vance E. Neff
    Feb 24, 2009

      I tried Windows Search because it was an optional update and found it so
      unmanageable that I uninstalled it. I'll check into Google Desktop Search.
      The offline websites I was talking about are generally multi-page HTML


      Alec Burgess wrote:

      >veneffy (veneff@...) wrote (in part) (on 2009-02-24 at
      >> I have been looking for an add on for firefox that will allow me to
      >> search for a term in my offline website starting at the currently
      >> displayed page.
      >> I was looking at the list of search add on entries but with dial up, I
      >> can't get through them all.
      >> Any suggestions?
      >Not a Firefox add-on, but wouldn't Google Desktop Search (or Windows
      >Search) do what you want?
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