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  • Dave
    Dec 14, 2008
      Got one of the EE900 find it ok ,you can get use to the touch pad I still
      prefer mouse screen is full width ,sound o\p used to drive home stereo
      works fine installed Audacity recording comes next ,
      Battery life is better with wireless on only when you need it, comes with XP
      Home works fine ,mine came installed with free office and adobe 9 and a db
      program and skpe removed every except skpe and home , works best if ,power
      options set to do nothing when lid closed ,boots in 15 seconds,
      camera comes with it but the is to close to camera.

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      > Hi,
      > I plan to buy a netbook when prices drop after Christmas. An Asus Eee
      > or an Acer Aspire One. I know what specs I want, so that's no
      > problem. But it's hard to test things like the keyboard when you
      > stand in the shop with a pushy salesman panting down your neck.
      > So I wonder what people who have used any or both of them think about
      > their handling. Keyboard, touchpad, ability/inability to use
      > peripherals, battery life and so on.
      > Better mention that I want one just because of the small size and
      > weight, perfect for what I want it for, so a "real" laptop is no
      > alternative.
      > TIA
      > Lotta
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