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  • David Smart
    Dec 13, 2008
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      I bought an Acer Aspire One. I quite like it.

      The keyboard is fine. It's big enough to be completely usable.

      The track pad is OK, but I'm still working on getting its configuration
      right so that it's convenient (but then I'm not a track pad person).

      The display is nice. It's 8.9" diagonal with 1024x600 resolution. Very
      readable, even with my older eyes.

      It was advertised with a 120 GB disk, but came with a 160 GB. Nice

      Performance is OK. Not blinding, but quite acceptable for what I do with
      it. I use it at meetings mainly, where speed isn't really an issue.

      It has built in wireless, but not Bluetooth, which means that I can't use a
      fully cordless mouse. I still need to plug the receiver in. Wireless
      performance is not quite as good as my larger IBM X40, but it's fine in
      places where signal strength is OK. Just has slightly less range when
      signal strength would have been marginal on the X40 anyway.

      Peripherals? VGA plug to drive a second screen (not tried, but resolutions
      are shown in properties up to 2048x1536); RJ45 (not tried), 3 x USB slots
      (I've used them with memory sticks, mouse receiver, wireless Internet, and
      they're fine), 1 x camera card slots (haven't investigated them), audio in
      and out (have used the audio out, but not the in), build in camera (not
      tried). It came with XP Home pre-installed and working fine, so it fitted
      seamlessly into my home network.

      Battery life? I've not really checked it, and I've certainly not set it for
      maximum battery life. I think probably 3-4 hours would be achievable -
      especially with the wireless turned off (and it has a handy little switch
      for that).

      I'm happy with my purchase.

      My daughter bought an MSI U90. It is so similar, it's as though they were
      merely repackaging of the same computer. I got a bigger disk (she has only
      40 GB or might be 60 GB), but otherwise the specs seem about the same and
      hers is also nice to use.

      I looked quickly at the EEE computers (both the Acer and the Dell) but
      decided I couldn't live with the tiny amount of mass storage they offered.
      The non-rotating nature of that storage doesn't interest me, as I'm gentle
      with laptops and don't tend to break their disks. And my USB stick is
      bigger than their mass storage. :-) They are smaller, though, and this
      might appeal.

      Regards, Dave S

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      > Hi,
      > I plan to buy a netbook when prices drop after Christmas. An Asus Eee
      > or an Acer Aspire One. I know what specs I want, so that's no
      > problem. But it's hard to test things like the keyboard when you
      > stand in the shop with a pushy salesman panting down your neck.
      > So I wonder what people who have used any or both of them think about
      > their handling. Keyboard, touchpad, ability/inability to use
      > peripherals, battery life and so on.
      > Better mention that I want one just because of the small size and
      > weight, perfect for what I want it for, so a "real" laptop is no
      > alternative.
      > TIA
      > Lotta
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