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8231Re: [NTO] [FUN] Can you read this?

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  • Gerard Huijing
    Nov 1 11:13 PM
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      loro wrote:
      > Gerard Huijing wrote:
      > >I wonder what would happen if you first told people that this was the
      > >English as it was spoken in, say, the time of King Alfred. :-)
      > That reminds me of something strange that happened to both me and a
      > friend of mine. Here in Sweden foreign movies normally get subtitles,
      > the exception being films for young children that are dubbed for
      > obvious reasons.
      > My friend and I both liked Michael Ende's "Die Unendliche
      > Geschichte", a fantasy novel of sorts. When the American screen
      > adaption The Neverending Story, came, we went to see it.
      > So there we were, two adults and 200 kids. The movie began and we
      > couldn't hear a word they were saying, sounded like a drunken
      > murmur. Realized there were no subtitles either. Both the sound and
      > the subs were botched up and we really wanted to enjoy the movie -
      > outrageous! After 10 minutes or se we started to get upset. The kids
      > seemed to enjoy it anyway, but we didn't. We were about to hunt a
      > responsible person down and demand things would be fixed when it
      > dawned on us. Yeah, you guessed it. The movie was dubbed to Swedish
      > and we didn't hear a words they were saying because we expected them
      > to talk English. Oops!
      > Still don't think it's a children's book. Grmpff.
      > Lotta

      I can sympathize. I once stood beside a young woman at a party, who
      speaks completely fluent Dutch without any foreign accent whatsoever (I
      think she was raised in Holland but I do not know if she was born
      there), and she was having a conversation with some older people. It
      sounded so weird that I thought she was was paralytically drunk, until I
      realized that she was speaking Armenian to her parents!

      But to return to the spelling stuff. I found it very strange to read
      that the Cambridge study revealed that no less than 55% did *not*
      understand it.
      I myself spotted what was wrong without detecting and describing the
      algorithm, so to speak.
      I bet others (programmers? mathematicians?) work exactly the other way
      How on earth does this all work in the brain?
      I bet my boots Wittgenstein has something about that, somewhere.


      Gerard (E.G.P.) Huijing
      2312 ZD Leiden
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