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8230Re: [NTO] [FUN] Can you read this?

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  • loro
    Nov 1, 2008
      Gerard Huijing wrote:
      >I wonder what would happen if you first told people that this was the
      >English as it was spoken in, say, the time of King Alfred. :-)

      That reminds me of something strange that happened to both me and a
      friend of mine. Here in Sweden foreign movies normally get subtitles,
      the exception being films for young children that are dubbed for
      obvious reasons.

      My friend and I both liked Michael Ende's "Die Unendliche
      Geschichte", a fantasy novel of sorts. When the American screen
      adaption The Neverending Story, came, we went to see it.

      So there we were, two adults and 200 kids. The movie began and we
      couldn't hear a word they were saying, sounded like a drunken
      murmur. Realized there were no subtitles either. Both the sound and
      the subs were botched up and we really wanted to enjoy the movie -
      outrageous! After 10 minutes or se we started to get upset. The kids
      seemed to enjoy it anyway, but we didn't. We were about to hunt a
      responsible person down and demand things would be fixed when it
      dawned on us. Yeah, you guessed it. The movie was dubbed to Swedish
      and we didn't hear a words they were saying because we expected them
      to talk English. Oops!

      Still don't think it's a children's book. Grmpff.
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