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8212Re: [NTO] Need Efficient File Catalog

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  • Hugo Paulissen
    Oct 23, 2008
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      I'm still looking for a catalog that can handle hierarchical data in a
      graphical tree-like form as Windows Explorer does.

      Ray Shapp


      Hi Ray,
      I may be amiss, but I'd have a look at alternative Explorer-applications - there are some free apps that will do what you want. XYplorer has nice search routines (regex, boolean, fuzzy, timerestricted), is fast, copies relevant info to files/clipboard, etc. You'll have to google for a free version of a couple of years ago. There are other Explorer-replacements as well.
      I just downloaded FolderTree, an Excel Add-in that does a nice job of generating a directorylist in Excel - you can have an indented (cells are tabs) list with all relevant details with a couple of mouseclicks. As far as I understood.

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