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8203Re: [NTO] Need some help about IE

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  • Edward
    Oct 18, 2008
      Have you tried using FireFox to see how it works. IE does become corrupted
      at times. There is a free service that I use as it seems to be run by
      Microsoft people, could be wrong but they know Microsoft programs. It is
      www.techsupportforum.com it just takes more than a day sometimes to get
      help but they have solved many problems for me. By the way I find the Avant
      browser to more like the IE browser. I really prefer the new Free Opera.
      No ads just a great browser. I keep IE around only because sometimes to
      find and secure needed microsoft updates and information you need it in
      order to get on their web pages.
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      Sent: Saturday, October 18, 2008 10:30 AM
      Subject: [NTO] Need some help about IE

      > Hello,
      > Recently have serious problem with IE (version6), when I start my
      > computer,
      > right after the starting sequence ends, the known IE window saying how
      > sorry
      > they are that IE has to shut down, and to report MS about the problem -
      > and
      > I am not connected to the net yet.
      > This window pops up every few seconds, I close it and after couple of
      > seconds it is up again.
      > When I open the task manager I can see 2 (two) iexplore.exe running in the
      > 'process' window, (IE is not yet opened by me, and still not connected !),
      > I
      > click to end it and it opens there again, using quit a lot of memory. When
      > I
      > open IE I see there 3 (three) iexplore.exe, but the "sorry...." windows
      > does
      > not popup.
      > What I did so far: Scan virus run - clean, in IE tools activated default
      > options, deleted all cookies, all temp files, all history, and I am the
      > only
      > user.
      > OS = win xp pro with the most security updates.
      > I started thinking on re-installing IE, but there is no option to
      > uninstall
      > it first, so the last thing will be errasing drive C and reinstall windows
      > and all other programs.
      > Any ideas about this problem will be welcome.
      > Thanks in advance
      > Mordechai
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