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8201Need some help about IE

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  • M.M.
    Oct 18, 2008
      Recently have serious problem with IE (version6), when I start my computer,
      right after the starting sequence ends, the known IE window saying how sorry
      they are that IE has to shut down, and to report MS about the problem - and
      I am not connected to the net yet.
      This window pops up every few seconds, I close it and after couple of
      seconds it is up again.
      When I open the task manager I can see 2 (two) iexplore.exe running in the
      'process' window, (IE is not yet opened by me, and still not connected !), I
      click to end it and it opens there again, using quit a lot of memory. When I
      open IE I see there 3 (three) iexplore.exe, but the "sorry...." windows does
      not popup.
      What I did so far: Scan virus run - clean, in IE tools activated default
      options, deleted all cookies, all temp files, all history, and I am the only
      OS = win xp pro with the most security updates.

      I started thinking on re-installing IE, but there is no option to uninstall
      it first, so the last thing will be errasing drive C and reinstall windows
      and all other programs.
      Any ideas about this problem will be welcome.
      Thanks in advance

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