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8179Re: [NTO] java script question

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  • Axel Berger
    Aug 30, 2008
      loro wrote:
      > You have no need for it.
      > Your text is already accessible. K.I.S.S. ;-)

      Exactly. This places us in a bit of a quandry as conscientious
      designers, I think.
      On the one hand a script resizer offers a service to people unaware of
      their own browser's capabilities. It is a nice extra without making
      anything difficult for those with scripting off, that's all good.
      On the other hand it reinforces the wrong notion, that the designer is
      the arbiter of how a page is to be viewed, and it takes people away from
      learning about browsers, that's all bad.

      I do not offer any sizers on principle myself, as there's no place for
      them, when the web is used sensibly. But on the other hand stupid people
      not knowing the first thing about their tools and not the least bit
      prepared and able to learn are a huge majority. So catering for the
      reader as he is and not as I want her to be, one might well go for
      option number one. It's not my way, but I wouldn't call it wrong.

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