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8170Re: [NTO] java script question

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  • Mike Breiding
    Aug 30, 2008
      Bob Janes wrote:
      > Hi Mike,
      >> Why does the first click on the + sign decrease the text size?
      > The first click sets the font-size to 13px, as you previously didn't
      have a
      > font-size defined (it was 100%) you were seeing the browser default which
      > presumably was something bigger than 13px. To get round this you'll
      need to
      > set a default font-size of say 12px.
      Hi Bob,
      All my pages use a font size definition of 100% in the CSS.
      As I understand it this is preferable to setting a default size in px
      and allows the user to the default size.
      I think I am stating the correctly, not sure.

      >> How do I change the script so it only effects a specified target or

      >> Typically you'd select certain paragraphs in JavaScript by using
      either id
      >> or class attributes. Add a 'class="change_me"' to those you want to
      >> and have the script work on those.
      Do you have any examples of the code needed?
      I have no javascript experience what so ever.
      I already have defined #div I can use for targets.
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