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8146Re: [NTO] Capture Menus to Text File?

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  • Alec Burgess
    Jul 30, 2008
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      Hi Larry
      I haven't currently got it on my system but I think this is probably the
      one your are after. Thanks for reminding me - I had it pre system crash
      but hadn't got around to finding it again.
      > "WinDowse shows:
      > text, caption, resource ID, process ID, application instance handle,
      > window handle, parent handle, function address, menu handle,
      > coordinates in parent, coordinates in screen, size, client area size,
      > style, extended style, class name, class function address, icon
      > handle, small icons handle, cursor handle, background brush handle,
      > module handle, class style, list of parent hierarhy, recursive list of
      > children, list of windows under the mouse cursor, full tree of all
      > windows in the system with auto-selecting the current window, exe file
      > path, exe file name, original file name, file description, file
      > version, product name, internal name, legal copyright, legal
      > trademarks, product version, company name, comments from the version
      > information, list of modules used by selected window's application
      > with full paths, absolute cursor position, relative cursor position on
      > window coordinates, relative cursor position on window client area
      > coordinates, color of the pixel under mouse cursor.
      > WinDowse allows:
      > to copy any information about the selected window into clipboard, to
      > find any window by text, class name or handle, to modify the window's
      > text, origin or size, to show/hide the window, to enable/disable the
      > window, to make any user action with the selected window by
      > installable plugins, to see the zoomed window image."

      > http://www.greatis.com/delphicb/windowse/

      Larry Hamilton wrote:
      > I remember some program I think I was introduced to on one of the
      > NoteTab list 8 or 9 years ago. I have a need for it now, but do not
      > remember what it was called.
      > The program would capture all the menus in a program and they could be
      > saved to a text file. It put an ampersand in front of the letters that
      > activated the menu with the CTRL key.
      > For example from NoteTab, it was something like this.:
      > &File Menu
      > &New
      > &Open
      > etc.
      > I do not think it was Resource Hacker, as it only works on exes and not
      > a runtime dependent language. I know, I just tested it. (I'm hoping that
      > I am not thinking of the wrong program used with resource hacker. After
      > all it's been a few years.)
      > The Resource Hacker site says it is no longer developed and points to
      > another program, but it does not do what I need either.
      > I suspect I am thinking of another program that gave me the menus
      > instead of the program I need it for.
      > I recall a program that you drag a target over the menu/program, and it
      > extracts the text.
      > If there is some other program/utility that can do this, please let me know.

      Regards ... Alec (buralex@gmail & WinLiveMess - alec.m.burgess@skype)
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