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8109Re: [NTO] redirecting urls

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jul 14, 2008
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      It appears on a quick google that some programs of this nature do in
      fact exist:

      I have not played with any of these, but I suppose you could run them a
      couple of times a day on a cron job and report back to yourself. You
      could also write a cgi script for out-links that would advance check I
      suppose, but then that would slow life down for the legitimate links. I
      guess you could also build in a cache file so that it only checks if it
      hasn't been accesses in the last ____ period of time. If it was a good
      link an hour ago, just let it go, if it was a good link three days ago,
      check before sending you.

      > 4. I have to believe that there is a perl, php or javascript we could
      > write that would link check and report back to us. In a real advanced
      > world I suppose -- depending on how your pages are made -- it could even
      > fix the links for you. I have never seen such a script, but couldn't be
      > that tough to write.
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