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810Re: [NTO] Blockquote

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  • Red Leader
    Aug 22, 2000
      Jody wrote:

      > Will that work in all cases? I have noticed when I try to do
      > "global" tags like that they sometimes quit when I add certain
      > code below it and do not go through the whole doc. I prefer
      > doing it that way myself with everything I can get away with
      > instead of doing it to all paragraphs like FONT, etc. It seems
      > so redundant to keep adding the same code over and over.

      Thanks for bringing this up. To be honest, I don't know. I haven't had
      real great success using the <DIV> tag in the past. I tried it on Phil's
      page before I sent that post to make sure it worked. As you say, it
      would sure be nice if it worked, but I'm not sure that it always does.
      Anyone else have any thoughts on why this is?

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