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8085Re: [NTO] Double-Click Opens But Doesn't Play File

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  • Dave
    Jul 8, 2008
      Hi Ray
      when you deleted the extensions for the other players did they actually take
      I would close explorer down and start again ,the other thing did the icons
      for the files change when you changed players ?

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      From: "Ray Shapp" <ras45@...>
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      Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 10:16 PM
      Subject: Re: [NTO] Double-Click Opens But Doesn't Play File

      > HI Axel and Alec,
      > Thank you both for your great help.
      > My responses to your suggestions are interspersed below.
      > <<You don't say explicitly say that you have uninstaller and re-installed
      > ZoomPlayer but I assume you have?>>
      > Yes. I used the ZP uninstaller then ran CCleaner then got a fresh copy of
      > ZP
      > from http://www.inmatrix.com/zplayer/ (Note: I am running the same
      > version of
      > ZP on both machines.) I also scanned with Spyware Blaster, Spybot Search
      > and
      > Destroy, Ad Aware, AVG, and did several reboots. BTW, All scans show that
      > I
      > have a clean PC (no malware removals or repairs were necessary).
      > <<checking your OP I see that YES it does work when opening within the
      > ZPlayer. Okay, this sounds pretty simple - its "just" a matter of
      > verifying the file association.>>
      > I usually associate a new file type using Open With, but in this case, I
      > took
      > the extra steps to examine the associations by using
      > Explorer-Tools-Option-File and in two cases, I changed AVI and WMV to
      > Media
      > Player Classic and then went back through Explorer-Tools-Option-File types
      > to
      > re-associate the two media types with ZP. No joy.
      > <<But as there is one computer doing it correctly and one not, it is
      > simply a
      > case of looking into the registries and comparing.>>
      > This may be the best advice, but I don't mess with the Registry very
      > often. I
      > do use ERUNT for Registry backup, so I will get into the Registries as a
      > last
      > resort. I know there is a way to export parts of the Registry. Please tell
      > me
      > where in the Registry I should look for the parts you suggest I should
      > compare. I'll examine the two dumps side-by-side in NTP.
      > << Install VLC (just google) - its another alternate video player 1a) Does
      > VLC
      > work? - interesting to know whether is ALL non-MediaPlayer
      > or something special about>>
      > I would like to try VLC again. I have used VLC v0.5.3 on the older PC, but
      > I
      > didn't like the interface. I just DLed VLC v0.8.6. The same test video and
      > audio files that launch Zone Player but don't render do play immediately
      > when
      > I "Open With" VLC. There is nothing special about these media files. I've
      > been
      > playing some of them for years (Moonlight Sonata, Fur Elise, etc). (Note:
      > I
      > don't know how to insert u-umlaut into a plain text email.)
      > <<Get Revo Uninstaller <snip>its just possible "something" is screwing up
      > file
      > associations or what have you for Zoom Player. Full disclosure - I don't
      > really understand codecs but know they are important!>>
      > I'd like to have a nice utility like this in any case, but I need some
      > sleep
      > before I go any farther. I doubt my problem is with file associations
      > because
      > double-clicking any of my media files does open ZP. I'll report whether
      > Revo
      > Uninstaller does any good later today. I may even get into the Registry
      > later
      > too.
      > I agree that codecs are important, but that's an unlikely issue in this
      > case
      > because all the files render correctly if I use Send To to get them into
      > ZP or
      > if I use the Open File menu item within ZP. They just don't start
      > automatically after they launch ZP via double-click.
      > I didn't say explicitly, but I did try many combinations of options in ZP.
      > The
      > default options should be sufficient to get double-clicked media files
      > into
      > the Play List, but I also checked and unchecked all Play List options with
      > no
      > joy. I also exported the config file from the older (correctly working PC)
      > and
      > installed it on the new PC, but again no joy.
      > Many thanks for your help.
      > Ray Shapp
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