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8082Re: [NTO] Double-Click Opens But Doesn't Play File

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  • Axel Berger
    Jun 6, 1940
      Alec Burgess wrote:
      > you'd think it would have been corrected long ago - n'est ce pas?

      I seem to remember that while most installers do it right, associating a
      file type through the "open with" dialog tends to omit those quotes.

      > Explorer-Tools-Option-File types

      I'm not the GUI type myself, which is why I prefer NoteTab to, say,
      Frontpage, so I suggest the easiest way is editing the registry directly
      through regedit.
      And if you do as I say and always back up the registry beforehand it is
      quite safe too. If on the other hand, you do as I do, you may be in for
      the interesting afternoon every once in a while.

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