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8078Double-Click Opens But Doesn't Play File

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  • Ray Shapp
    Jul 7, 2008
      To All,

      When I double-click on AVI or WMV or MP3 files, they open Zoom Player because
      I have associated those file types with Zoom Player. The files, however, don't
      play. When I press the Play button in ZP, I get the "No Media Loaded" message.
      If I use "Send To", I can send one or more of these same media files to Zoom
      Player, and they each play normally in turn.

      If I open Zoom Player then use the "Open file" menu item, any of these same
      files do play normally.

      If I open other players like Windows Media Player or WinAmp, then use their
      "Open file" menu item, these same files play normally.

      I am using Zoom Player v5.01 on two stand-alone computers. When I double-click
      a media file on the older PC, ZP launches and immediately plays the file. I
      have exported the configuration details from ZP on the older PC and installed
      these same configuration details into ZP on the newer PC, but media files
      still launch ZP but do not appear in the Play List, therefore, they do not

      I have exactly duplicated all the ZP options on both PCs, yet I still get the
      faulty behavior on the newer PC.

      I'd be grateful for any troubleshooting ideas.

      Thank you.

      Ray Shapp
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