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  • Red Leader
    Aug 22 8:36 AM
      Jody wrote:
      > While I agree that one day we may be forced to use style sheets
      > for certain things, I find, for beginners, they extremely
      > difficult to learn. I find them quite difficult myself still to
      > understand and definitely a lot harder to use than <CENTER> and
      > <FONT>. I am very sorry that some committee took it upon itself
      > to try to get rid of them. I hope the main browsers override
      > them and keep supporting it.

      I like style sheets, you can do so much more with them and make pages
      look so much nicer than using HTML "hacks". Saying "margin-left: 1in;
      margin-right:1in" is a lot easier than trying to write tables to get
      margins on the page. The reason I don't use them more is because they're
      not backwards compatible. Pages that look beautiful on the latest
      versions of NS and IE look awful on a 3.0 browser. Maybe someday
      everyone will have upgraded to a decent browser but for now we're stuck
      using the HTML layout tags.

      I wouldn't badmouth the W3C too much. While I agree that the major
      browsers should continue to support HTML 4.0, I think that separating
      the content from the layout is a good idea and eventually should make
      things run much smoother. Also, the main browsers are really the ones
      who decide how pages are written, the W3C just makes recommendations.
      People write pages to be compatible with the majority of web users, not
      based on W3C specs.

      There's my $0.02, for what it's worth. :-)

      Emmett Hawkins
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