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8027Re: [NTO] Extracting Disc Search results to a text document

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  • Don - HtmlFixIt.com
    Jun 7, 2008
      Jeff Scism wrote:
      > Is there a way to have the search directory results copied to a new Text
      > document instead of a pop-up window (or from the pop-up)? I often need
      > to create a list of on-directory files which contain the search term.
      That is a good one. You only get the pop up I believe if you ask for
      confirmation, correct?

      One option (off the top of my head):

      Create a clip that
      1. captures all open documents by full name.
      2. closes all open documents (saving them of course if necessary)
      3. performs your search disk and opens all files
      4. records the full or other desired name of those files (hence doing
      what you want)
      5. closes all open files
      6. reopens the original files captured in step one.

      I see no better way, but undoubtedly someone else does.
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