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8021pheriferals vs peripherals

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  • buralex@gmail.com
    Jun 4, 2008
      vs peripherals

      I was having a senior moment and while trying to type "peripherals",
      the best guess I could come up with was "pheriferals". I knew it was
      wrong but couldn't guess what it ought to be.

      The program I was using at the time had a spell checker and knew enough
      to do the squiggly red underline but didn't have any suggestions. I
      entered it into the Google toolbar which came back (as I'd hoped) "did
      you mean peripherals". Problem solved!

      but being curious I tried the same thing in a couple of different
      programs, they all know that "peripherals" is correct but vary in
      whether they can come up with the correct suggested replacement:

      * Notetab - NO (I've got only the American std dictionary - the one
      recommended in the HELP file.)
      * Thunderbird - YES (default dictionaries I guess)
      * HelpMaker - NO ditto default dictionaries (free help authoring
      tool and the program I was using when I had the senior moment -
      and a good one IMHO)
      * aspell - YES (along with a bunch of others, but the correct one
      was in #1 slot (installed by cygwin along with about a thousand
      other programs )

      Question: is it the dictionary or the algorithm that succeeds/fails?
      Does anyone know or have a good reference for further research?

      Regards ... Alec -- buralex-gmail

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