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8013Re: [NTO] Anyone seen this error message before before?

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  • Mike Breiding
    Jun 2, 2008
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      alice ttlg wrote:
      > The fact that "Windows" is misspelled and that it says at the url above:
      > "Some malware camouflage themselves as PCMService.exe,"
      > makes me seriously think what you've got is a virus or trojan or other
      > nasty thing. I am always leary of misspelled stuff (or obvious
      > grammatical errors) as it is often a sign of spam or viruses.
      I feel the same and have been suspicious, but I could never detect
      anything other than the error message popping up.
      > I'd run
      > some virus checks and if you're not running behind a firewall, this
      > could be a reminder that you need one and a good anti-virus program if
      > you don't have one.
      I run ZoneAlarm and Spybot and have a hardware firewall which I hope is
      I simply cannot tolerate intrusive and slow AV software so I have
      always relied on "safe computing" and firewalls to combat intrusions.

      Thus far I have found nothing I can positively determine is anything
      which has hacked it's way in.
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