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8003[NTO] Re: Clips for Creating Web Pages Of Clips

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  • Sheri
    May 28, 2008
      You can make html highlighted clipcode with the "Preview Listing in
      Browser" and "Instant Preview" clips (compatible with NoteTab 5.1+) in
      the Color Highlighting library posted in the Clips files area as well.
      It recognizes (in a clipcode document): search text, trailing spaces,
      comments, labels, commands, variables, evaluated variables, functions,
      and clip headers; the colors used for each (as well as the overall
      font) can be customized. To retrieve the html, just click "No" when it
      asks if you want to delete the temporary html document that is generated.

      For NoteTab 4.95, the same thing can be done using other clips in the
      same library, but those clips require the PHP command line interface
      to be available.

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