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7971Re: [NTO] Safari problem

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  • Dave
    Apr 29, 2008
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      I would put <center>xxxxxx</center> it is old fashioned but the text stays
      in the center no matter how wide the page is.

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      Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 4:17 AM
      Subject: [NTO] Safari problem

      > In my design http://fdp-odenthal.de I had the main headline line up
      > with the central column below. This line-up was defined using an em
      > width and was kept regardless of the font size. If the reader was to
      > make the size smaller than standard it began to overlap the image on
      > the left, but I disregarded that, as it made the text illegible
      > anyway, and catered for those with non-perfect eyesight and bigger
      > fonts. (This includes me. I grudgingly went with the crowd and
      > dubious majority taste in making standard text smaller than 100 %,
      > but in my own browsers I forbid such tampering and would not use it
      > in designs where I am the arbiter.)
      > Now a problem arose with Apple, whose standard em is 12 pixels, not
      > 16. I have now placed the headline at a fixed pixel position, but am
      > not happy. My inclination is to tell those arrogant Appleistas to go
      > stuff themselves, but the boss is one of them.
      > I have often missed a declaration like "take 12em or 145px whichever
      > is bigger" in CSS. A combination of a size plus a min size is only
      > defined for width and height, not, unfortunately for e.g. padding.
      > Has anyone got an idea how to achieve that, i.e. set a left padding
      > of 12 em with a minimum of 145 px?
      > Or alternatively is there any way of targeting Safari in a CSS?
      > There dozens for IE, but none for Safari it seems.
      > Axel
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