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7970Safari problem

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  • Axel Berger
    Apr 27, 2008
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      In my design http://fdp-odenthal.de I had the main headline line up
      with the central column below. This line-up was defined using an em
      width and was kept regardless of the font size. If the reader was to
      make the size smaller than standard it began to overlap the image on
      the left, but I disregarded that, as it made the text illegible
      anyway, and catered for those with non-perfect eyesight and bigger
      fonts. (This includes me. I grudgingly went with the crowd and
      dubious majority taste in making standard text smaller than 100 %,
      but in my own browsers I forbid such tampering and would not use it
      in designs where I am the arbiter.)

      Now a problem arose with Apple, whose standard em is 12 pixels, not
      16. I have now placed the headline at a fixed pixel position, but am
      not happy. My inclination is to tell those arrogant Appleistas to go
      stuff themselves, but the boss is one of them.

      I have often missed a declaration like "take 12em or 145px whichever
      is bigger" in CSS. A combination of a size plus a min size is only
      defined for width and height, not, unfortunately for e.g. padding.
      Has anyone got an idea how to achieve that, i.e. set a left padding
      of 12 em with a minimum of 145 px?

      Or alternatively is there any way of targeting Safari in a CSS?
      There dozens for IE, but none for Safari it seems.


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