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7969Re: [NTO] Screen Resolutions

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  • Axel Berger
    Apr 26, 2008

      Just as a hint of what I have found to be reasonable values: I limit
      all single column designs to a max-width of 42em by default and set
      lengthy texts to a max-width of 34em or up to 38em, if there are
      many lists, blockquotes or other items shortening the lines.

      Your preferences may vary, but I think these values are about the
      right ballpark. (An em is much wider than the average letter in a
      line.) Also note that the correct unit in these cases has nothing to
      do with pixels and thus little to do with screen resolutions. These
      may do well for graphics, but line length for text should respect
      the reader's choice of an agreeable fontsize.

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