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7963Re: [NTO] Screen Resolutions

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  • Axel Berger
    Apr 25, 2008
      loro wrote:
      > And then I get a little grumpy.

      That's our nice and level Lotta for you. For me being somewhat
      grumpy already at the best of times the reaction is on another
      There is something else, best explained by a traffic simile. I don't
      mind so much if somebody cuts me off, squeezes in right in front of
      me or cuts in, when it's my right of way. I can see and more or less
      accept his reasons. What gets me going are those stupid and
      inconsiderate idiots who inconvenience me without the slightest
      benefit to themselves out of total disregard, like blocking two
      spaces with one car, blocking the overtaking lane while travelling
      at exactly the speed of the huge gap beside them or blocking cross
      traffic although they saw beforehand that they could not exit the
      crossroads that really get me going.
      What some site designers most explicitly show me is their total lack
      of regard and consideration for their readers. "Why should I care
      about you mate, take it or leave it, I couldn't care less. It works
      fine for ME on MY equipment and with MY eyesight - you go and stuff
      yourself." If that's what you want your visitors to see, fine, go
      right ahead. If not you might want to think again.

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