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7960Re: [NTO] Screen Resolutions

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  • loro
    Apr 24, 2008
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      Ray Shapp wrote:
      >If then percentage of our members who use 800 pixel resolution is very low
      >(below ten percent), then I am willing to convert to 1024x768. The only
      >inconvenience to the folks on low resolution monitors will be that they will
      >be required to scroll horizontally

      Not really. I happen to use your target resolution 1024x768 (not for
      much longer, I hope). I never surf with a maximized browser window.
      Unless the site forces me to maximize it. And then I get a little
      grumpy. When I get a larger screen, I'll probably use about the same
      size browser window that I use now and have more room for other things.

      It isn't about resolution. It's about window size. OK, the resolution
      sets the upper boundaries but that's all.

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