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7958Re: [NTO] Screen Resolutions

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  • Ray Shapp
    Apr 24 1:39 PM
      Hello Alex,

      Thank you for your replies. I'm sorry I didn't see them before I replied to
      Greg and sisterscape.

      <<No you can't! What you can and should do is adapt your design to the window
      and font size your viewers prefer and *respect their

      If then percentage of our members who use 800 pixel resolution is very low
      (below ten percent), then I am willing to convert to 1024x768. The only
      inconvenience to the folks on low resolution monitors will be that they will
      be required to scroll horizontally. Do you see any other "cost" to them? I
      expect most of those people will be upgrading their equipment in the normal
      course of events. I don't think any or many new users are coming online with
      low resolution monitors. BTW, we have some very impatient members on our exec
      committee who are much less accommodative than I am. As webmaster, it is up to
      me to implement our collective decision, but I must respect the strong
      opinions of some of these other people.

      <<Two places you ought to go to are:

      Many thanks for those links. The nearly blank screen provided by the default
      view on the "Site in an hour" website is certainly novel. It nearly threw me
      until I noticed the tiny icons in the lower right corner of the screen. Like
      Greg, maybe I'm older than I feel. I don't appreciate telephone numbers or
      calendar dates that use periods for the numeral separators. I'm not
      comfortable with Help systems like those in Adobe Acrobat where one cannot see
      a detailed table of contents. I also don't like the blank screen approach of
      "Site in an hour". Thankfully, the site does provide an easy alternate way to
      view it in conventional mode.

      <<That said my commented sample at
      http://axel.berger-odenthal.de/work/Sudel/Webdesign.htm has two example
      scripts querying the window size.>>

      I literally fell on the floor laughing at your legal notice. Wonderful bit of

      << You will predominantly log dumbasses in fullscreen with no sense for
      security. Savvy users, who often have several windows open at the same time
      (typical minimal example is an editor and browsing for data and references),
      will also keep their Javascript firmly turned off in many cases.>>

      That describes many of my constituents. Not much I can do about that. Thanks
      for the JavaScript example. And yes, I fully agree in endorsing NoteTab as an
      excellent editor.

      Ray Shapp
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