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7957Re: [NTO] Screen Resolutions

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  • Ray Shapp
    Apr 24, 2008
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      Hi Don,

      Thanks for the reply.

      Your home page opened ok, but I was unable to open any link from it. Your
      resolution statistics, however, are quite instructive (see listing copied
      below). If your numbers are representative of resolutions our club members
      use, I will be surprised, but I will also be forced to begin converting our
      website for 1024x768. My guess is that the sophistication of your average
      visitor in the field of computer usage is quite different from that of my
      visitors. If resolutions are truly being captured by your scripts, then I
      would very much like to deploy them on my site for a while.

      Your comment about the new Microsoft XLSX file format and their compatibility
      pack mirrors my experience almost exactly. On two separate machines running
      Office 2003, the compatibility pack worked flawlessly on one machine and
      failed with no explanation on the other. My temporary solution was to request
      another copy of the file in the old format.

      Ray Shapp

      Resolution Statistics
      640 x 480 0.02%
      800 x 600 2.62%
      1024 x 768 33.52%
      1152 x 864 3.49%
      1280 x 800 17.17%
      1280 x 854 0.37%
      1280 x 1024 32.55%
      1400 x 1050 2.12%
      1600 x 1200 3.66%
      1920 x 1200 4.28%
      2560 x 1024 0.19%


      February 15th, 2008 by Don

      So I find that Microsoft has once again decided to switch things up in the
      Excel world with the xlsx file format. Why would you not build in backwards
      compatibility? Because you choose to make it inconvenient in hopes of forcing
      people to buy your new product? Fortunately they do have a tool to allow you
      to open the new format in your "old" program. However to use it you need to
      update your Microsoft environment and even in this age they FORCE you to use
      Internet Explorer.
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