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7954Re: [NTO] Screen Resolutions

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  • Jeff Scism
    Apr 24, 2008
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      I tend to size by % width, so each user's settings determine how they
      see it. I also tend to remove hard breaks in paragraphs so they can wrap
      to width when the page size is readjusted by the user.

      Greg Chapman wrote:
      > Hi Ray,
      > On 24 Apr 08 14:54 Ray Shapp <ras45@...
      > <mailto:ras45%40optonline.net>> said:
      > >
      > > I'd be interested in knowing your opinions about that question in
      > > general.
      > I'm still of the old fashioned school that says 800x600 is a
      > reasonable design size. It's not so much the screen/window size of
      > users that that is based on, but line length.
      > Most people agree that a line length of 8-12 words is about right for
      > text. Your eyes tend to wander and find it difficult to locate the
      > next line if it's much more than that.
      > So, if you have a multi-column design with adverts, menus, or trailers
      > for parts of the site, then 1024 may be acceptable, but if you use the
      > full window width for your body text then it is probably uncomfortably
      > long, unless you dfine a very large font.
      > I tend to use less than full screen on so many sites as I find them
      > difficult to read, on some that's even after increasing the font size
      > from something I have to squint at. Maybe I'm older than I feel!
      > > Also, do you know of any Java script or other tools I can apply to
      > > the site that will capture screen resolutions of our visitors and
      > > record them into a log file?
      > Good hosting services provide this information in their log files as
      > part of their standard service. However, I'm sure thei are freebie
      > sites that will provide the service or you, I haven't googled for any,
      > but do remember screen size is not window size!
      > Greg
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