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7949Re: [NTO] Screen Resolutions

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  • Axel Berger
    Apr 24, 2008
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      Ray Shapp wrote:
      > I'm wondering whether we can increase that standard to
      > 1024x768 without inconveniencing lots of our
      > members.

      No you can't! What you can and should do is adapt your design to the
      window and font size your viewers prefer and *respect their
      preferences*. Two places you ought to go to are:

      > Also, do you know of any Java script or other tools I can apply
      > to the site that will capture screen resolutions of our visitors
      > and record them into a log file?

      Two pitfalls here:
      1) Most people log completely the wrong thing. The screen size is
      totally irrelevant here, what you need to look at is the window
      2) You will predominantly log dumbasses in fullscreen with no sense
      for security. Savvy users, who often have several windows open at
      the same time (typical minimal example is an editor and browsing for
      data and references), will also keep their Javascript firmly turned
      off in many cases.
      That said my commented sample at
      http://axel.berger-odenthal.de/work/Sudel/Webdesign.htm has two
      example scripts querying the window size. I have not looked into
      logging yet, though.

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