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7948Re: [NTO] Screen Resolutions

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  • sisterscape
    Apr 24, 2008
      My vote goes to flexible width format. That way a user can resize the
      window to their liking and everything will still be on screen. I know
      many people who don't keep their browsers maximized. Personally, fixed
      width sites drive me nuts!

      The stats programs that I have used (Urchin before Google and AWStats)
      provide browser but not screen resolution info. I think I remember
      hearing about some javascript that you can put in the header to log it.
      There are some stats about user screen resolution discussed in various
      articles. Google can probably find them easily.

      --- Ray Shapp <ras45@...> wrote:

      > To All,
      > I maintain a website for club which was optimized for screen
      > resolution of
      > 800x600 when the site was established eight years ago. I'm wondering
      > whether
      > we can increase that standard to 1024x768 without inconveniencing
      > lots of our
      > members.
      > I'd be interested in knowing your opinions about that question in
      > general.
      > Also, do you know of any Java script or other tools I can apply to
      > the site
      > that will capture screen resolutions of our visitors and record them
      > into a
      > log file?
      > Thanks for the help.
      > Ray Shapp
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