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7923NoteTab Lite - some problems

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  • M.M.
    Mar 15, 2008
      In a new PC with Win xp pro, installed some programs and "NoteTab Lite".
      Associated with txt files, as html editor, ini files, log, bat, and even
      *.nfo files (which after all are text files). The problem is with the .nfo
      files - I point at them, right-click and get the submenu to open with..
      select "notetab" and it opens some recently opened txt file (not the
      selected), again I point at the file, right-click and click the notepad and
      it opens OK.

      The second problem is Hebrew, I open an Hebrew text file and get some
      strange fonts, I do not knoe what they are, some Giberish.
      All Hebrew fonts are installed (together with MS Office in Hebrew), I select
      a Hebrew font in the toolbar but get this giberish.

      Funny, but in my two other PCs, same installations, all is well.
      Any idea how to fix it?

      Your answers will be much appreciated.

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